Designer Marble Bathrooms at Concept Virtual Design

Concept Virtual Design are the specialists in visual detailing, bringing together the very best bathroom look for your project. High quality finishes go a long way in bringing the decor and the functionality of a space together. Natural textures such as intricately veined marble can create another dimension to a bathroom that adds a comforting yet uplifting experience to everyday rituals. The detailing brings natural depth to the decor, while a polished, high end finish creates the sense of luxurious style that a statement bathroom deserves.

 Concept Virtual Design are experts in interior design, utilising a wealth of creative knowledge to expertly design and form ideas that incorporate gorgeous colour palettes with beautiful textures, allowing us to advise on options to visually enhance the space. Our team focus on the room as a whole, to bring the right feel to the space – whether this is a calm oasis to relax in or a vibrant hive of rejuvenation where you can kick start your day.

The use of natural stone textures offers a richly decorative surface which simply lends itself to feature walls or accent flooring, allowing you to create a focal point within the room. The intricate veins within marble are a timeless decor choice that has been used for centuries throughout the world, adding an air of opulence and sophistication. This material also adds subtle, delicate hints of colour through the rusty browns, greys and greens that run through the marble veins. No one does decor quite like Mother Nature, so Concept’s advice can help you incorporate that which she offers to harness it into luxury design that will turn your bathroom into a wellness enhancing sanctuary.

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